Selenim In late 1996, I was contracted by Chaosium to edit and rewrite a supplement for their Nephilim roleplaying game line. In late 1998, the line was placed on indefinite hiatus. In early 2001, I discovered that the majority of my files pertaining to this project had become corrupted. What you'll find here are those files that were fortunately backed up in or retrieved from alternate storage. Recently, however, Chaosium has officially cancelled the line, which renders this all moot. The game, however, carries on strong and in French in the hands of MultiSim, without, of course, the input of any of us who worked on the English language edition. C'est la vie, non? Enjoy anyway.

There are a lot of things in this world that should have been, but never were. The Selenim sourcebook for Chaosium's Nephilim was one of them. Granted, there are a lot more important events I would like to see come to pass in this world before the completion of this book, but I put a fair amount of effort over two years into shaping it up for publication. After being shelved, it sat fallow on my hard drive for another couple of years before I got a new computer and saved various files and folders to floppy disks with every intention of transfering them over to the new hard drive. Regrettably, the Selenim files didn't make the first round of transfers. I recently dug out the floppy and tried to open it up, only to find that the disk was now unreadable. Still, I've found hardcopy printouts of all the work I did, and a few other files that existed elsewhere. What you see below constitutes the greater body of the latter.

Kitab es-Selenimi I was rather pleased with this history of the Selenim when I wrote it some years ago, and I'm still quite proud of it. I aimed to fill in and smooth over some of the cracks and seams from the Nephilim history that appeared in assorted books and other writers' notes, and, by and large, I feel that it came together rather well. Inexplicably, I neglected to incorporate Arcanum XIII into the history in any meaningful way. I've been meaning to remedy this oversight for some time now, but the hopeful are advised against holding their breath.

Selenim FAQ Certain questions cropped up time and again on the Nephilim discussion list, so over time I put together this list of the most popular questions with my most consistent answers. Certain parts may seem contradictory (witness the description of Selenim occult sciences in different places), the result of cobbling a single document together from different sources. Recently, I came up with even more to add, so look for a few changes soon.

Selenim Character Creation Adapted from a translation of the original MultiSim book, these rules outline the creation of a Selenim character from a pre-existing Nephilim character. There are a few notable twists that I put on the rules, but nothing too spectacular. Oh, and you'll still need actual rules for the occult sciences if you really want to put them into play.